There are so many cute designs, you just can't decide which one to try first? We feel ya, girl! That's why our pricing system is affordable, flexible and fair - the more you buy, the less you pay. 


1. Single Pack : 4,90 Euro

Buy one pack of any design and pay 4,90 Euro. 
A single pack contains 16 wraps of different sizes for up to 2 manicures if you use our pro tips.

2. Double Pack : 8,80 Euro

Two is better than one! Buy two single packs of any design (they can also be of the same design!) and only pay 4,40 Euro per design.
You'll get two packs containing a total of 32 wraps. A lot of our designs go pretty well together, so go ahead and combine them! 

3. Triple Pack : 11,70 Euro

All good things come in threes! If you buy three designs you pay 3,90 Euro per design. What are you waiting for!

4. Pack of Four: 13,90 Euro

Get four packs and a total of 64 nail wraps for less than 3,50 Euro per design.

5. Pack of Five: 16,90 Euro

Last, but definitely not least. Buy five packs and pay only 3,40 per design!

Cant' get enough?

Last, but definitely no least. Buy five packs and for only 3.20 per design!