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VERSANDKOSTENFREI AB 10€ innerhalb Deutschlands | 25€ International

How To

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1. Prepare nails - Ready, GO!

Use water and soap or alcohol wipes to remove any lotions, oils or dirt. Push back your cuticles with a cuticle remover to avoid accidentally placing the wraps on them.

PRO TIP: Use a base coat to make the wraps last longer and nourish your nails. If your nails are damaged or uneven, we recommend using a ridge filler base coat to smooth out the nail surface and make the wraps stick better. Let the base coat dry completely before proceeding. 




Find the right size

2. Choose size - A perfect fit!

Place the wraps over your fingers to see which size. might fit best. Make sure the wrap covers most of your nail, but be careful not to choose a size that is too large. If the wrap touches your cuticles or skin, it won't last as long. When in doubt, choose a smaller size. 

PRO TIP: If you have leftover wraps that are too large even for your biggest nail, simply adjust the size with scissors and use up the whole pack! That way, no wrap goes unused.




Place the nail wrap and cut off excess

3. Place nail wrap - Stick with me!

Once you found the right size, remove the clear protective foil on top of the wrap. Then peel off the wrap from the sheet using the silver handle and place it on your nail. Starting from your nail bed, carefully push the wrap towards the tip of your nail while making sure not to create any air bubbles.

PRO TIP: If you have shorter nails, cut along the silver handle, then cut off the protruding half of the wrap and directly place it onto your other hand. That way you can use one wrap for two nails and have twice as much fun! 




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4. Trim the edges - Off you go!

Remove the rest of the protruding nail wrap with a nail file. Make sure to hold the nail file vertically and only use downward motions so you don't accidentally detach the nail wrap. We recommend a glass file as it removes the wrap quickly but gently. 




Nagelfolie versiegeln

5. Finishing touch - Seal the deal!

For longlasting results, seal the nail wrap with a thin  layer of clear top coat. Make sure to also go over the tip to seal the entire wrap. We recommend letting the nail wrap settle for 5-8 hours. Try to avoid water, baths and sauna visits.

PRO TIP: Try switching things up by using a matte top coat. It completely changes the look of your manicure!



6. Refresh it - Good as new!

If after a week or so your mani starts looking slightly worn off around the tips, file them off a little bit and seal them again with the top coat of your choice. Your manicure is gonna look as good as new!  



7. Removal - Easy come, easy go!

Our nail wraps can easily be removed with nail polish remover. Simply wet a cotton pad with a nail polish remover of your choice and carefully rub off the nail wrap. Glue residue can be removed with hot water and soap.